Wondered what if the world was round? It is! But then I go straight. It is round, idiot.

Welcome to the lala land! Here, meet your Intelligent and Idiotic self! When you open the door, you’re a certified idiot.

Intelligent Idiots is a certified intelligent mortar  stop for quirky merchandise, personal bar belongings and home decor. A gift shoppie! It is 01 intelligent decision by 02 idiotic brains.

Have a tipsy friend, an agony aunt, lovely mother, classy in-laws or demanding girlfriend, we have all in store, items to impress and annoy them.At II, we garland weird peeps with insane approach, our smile. We are neither too pricey nor cheap. We are beautiful. We love what we produce and others. Retailers of more than 30+ brands including our darling tag Intelligent Idiots, we personalize or customize products too in round the clock’s time.

Is your love for Intelligent Idiots in bulk? We can cater those orders within a week’s time. We believe if it’s not fun, it’s not worth, but then we love our cute mother too. We have something for everyone in the store. Do visit and don’t forget to bring that madness too! See you at Intelligent Idiots, Vijay Crossroads, Ahmedabad!

Enough entertained! Now shop, we love being @ your home!