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    Wondered what if the world was round? It is! But then I go straight. It is round, idiot.

    Welcome to the lala land! Here, meet your Intelligent and Idiotic self! When you open our idiotic door on your enchanted browser, you bank a certificate of being idiotic.

    Intelligent Idiots is a certified intelligent brick & mortar and now online stop for quirky merchandise in footwear, personal bar belongings, and home decor. A gift shoppe for your buyfriend to goolfriend or agony aunt; everyone simply adores us. Ah ha!

    When did Adam and Eve meet the Apple?

    "What kind of idiotic question is that?"

    On March 21, 2012, two idiotic brains cracked an intelligent joke. We went right by stalkin’ the right people on Facebook and Google. In 03 months time, we ended up left and housed at a nonsense (non-selling we mean) area. In a year’s time, everything was kicked in the teeth- our passion, entrepreneurship and more than anything the hard investment. Persistence.

    We slogged to dig the reason and realized it’s the location (Sasura, ye toh location ka praablem hai). We sauntered locations after locations and narrowed to our current abode at Vijay Crossroads with funny fanny hearts. Literally funny.

    Now, it has been 05 years and we’ve come a long way in our designs and with peeps. We’ve buttered everything, so neither too pricey nor cheap. We are beautiful now. We love what we produce and that keeps us going.....

    Enough awwwed! Now shop, we love being @ your home!

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